Thursday, August 29, 2019

A Place At Your Table

Here in Your presence, the greatest are least, the burdened find rest and the hungry can feast.

“A Place At Your Table” - Ben Walther

Over the last several years I’ve noticed that many experiences being segmented into a new classification.

One can now buy “premium seating” to concerts and sporting events. The airlines have extended this from the swanky airport lounge to premium seats offering extra legroom or the right to use the overhead compartments for your carry-on. There are even premium restaurants and lounge areas on cruise ships and exclusive floors in the poshest of hotels.

In today’s gospel Jesus teaches about invited guests and hosts.

The banquet scene found only in Luke provides the opportunity for these teachings of Jesus on humility and presents a setting to display Luke’s interest in Jesus’ attitude toward the rich and the poor.
U.S.C.B. Website

Personally, I don’t think Jesus minds my dropping a few extra bucks to sit in the front row of a Syracuse basketball game. After all, he’s right there with me rooting for The Orange. :)

Jesus is being critical of those who use their status, position and wealth to the exclusion of others.

Labor Day is a day to honor the work of all. Let us pray for just wages and safe working conditions for all, particularly the underemployed and the exploited.

I hope you will stay for our closing song as we sing about walking hand-in-hand and working side-by-side one another as a sign of Christian love.

Blessed to be in ministry at St. Mary’s.


Come say farewell to Fr. Simon this weekend and see how we at Saint Mary’s can partner with his parish in Pakistan to spread the gospel.

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