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Easter VI Written by a Dummy for Dummies (Part 4)

“There was great joy in that city.” Acts 8:8
Today we skip to the 8th chapter of the Acts of the Apostles for a reading titled: "Philip in Samaria.” Philip was one of the assistants chosen by the apostles in chapter 6.
Here's the back story: Some of the Jewish community has converted to Christianity. Others are pushing back and persecuting Christians.  The most famous of these is Saul who later becomes Paul, after his conversion on the road to Damascus.
The Samaritans pay attention to Philip.Unclean spirits are excised and the paralyzed and crippled are cured.  This is even before the "big guns" (Peter and John) leave Jerusalem to lay hands on them.They must have been really good Samaritans.(I couldn’t resist the pun.)
This attentiveness to the word of God leading to great things provides me with the opportunity to share an idea that has been percolating for several weeks. 
Back in theological school I learned of a concept which affects churches known as “The Slow Buffalo…

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