Thursday, August 8, 2019


“You also must be prepared, 
for at an hour you do not expect, 
the Son of Man will come.” 
Luke 12:40

One of my ongoing summer goals is to develop our parish music repertoire.

Today’s gathering hymn “Gather Your People” (#313) should be familiar to those who have been around the past few weeks. 

Let’s all look a little more closely at the verses. The first verse speaks to the action of gathering by calling on the Holy Spirit to draw us to “the table of life”. Here we encounter God in the bread and wine which become Christ’s Body and Blood. Take a moment consider the altar (a place of sacrificial death) as table (a place where a meal is shared).

Today we introduce a second seasonal psalm: “We Are God’s People” (#793). Please be reminded that the refrain and verses will not match the one listed with the readings.

I’ve moved last week’s communion song “A Place At Your Table (#350) to offertory. I hope you will remember it from the Easter season.

Our communion song is Tom Booth’s “Find Us Ready, Lord.” Both this song and the third verse of Gather Your People reflect today’s scripture which reminds is to be prepared for Christ’s return. Remember, the second coming might not conveniently occur right after the Advent season.

Today’s recessional hymn “Faith of Our Fathers” (#487) connects with the Letter from Paul to the Hebrews. While the title may be limiting we sing to honor the faith of our fathers and mothers. 
Let remember the Abrahams and Sarahs that built this faith community as well as the Isaacs, Jacobs, Rachel’s and Leah’s who continue their work today and on whose shoulders our future rests.

Blessed to be in ministry with them and you,


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