Thursday, August 15, 2019

Happy Sunday

It’s been over 6 years since I began writing Liturgical Notes. The main reason was to share the connection between music (the “notes” part of the title) and liturgy. The liturgical documents go even further; stating that music is integral to the liturgy.

Now for a little quiz.....

What is the principle instrument at liturgy? Do you know? 

Do you remember? I gave the answer when Fr. Rich introduced me as director of music.

The principle instrument at liturgy is the voice of the faithful gathered. That would be you, and you are doing a great job! This is something to be celebrated. Thank you.

Thank you also to our cantors; Apryl, Gabrianna, Aaron, David and John for helping you embrace this important role. Let’s not forget our junior cantors; Alyanna, Bella and Makayla. Each of them did a wonderful job leading Sunday masses this summer. 

Thank you also to those groups that support our music; our adult choir, children’s choir, guitar group, treble choir.

Speaking of these groups.......

We really need some of you to step up and join us.

Our children’s choir is growing but if we don’t continue to get new members each year, membership will ultimately decline. The children’s choir is open to boys and girls grades 3 and up.

The treble choir experienced a growth spurt (both in numbers and abilities of its membership). This group is for grades 7 and up.

If you’re an adult who comes to the 10:30 consider joining our family choir which will join the treble choir and sing one time a month.

Mostly we need new members in our adult choir. We need to replace a few members that have left over the past few years. The adult choir rehearses on Sunday morning and (usually) sings at the 12 noon liturgy.

If you’re an instrumentalist, consider joining our guitar group or see me for special occasions.

Finally, if you like to sing, join us for the choir flash mob on Saturday, August 24th at the 5:30 mass. See the announcement in this bulletin.

Blest to be in ministry at St. Mary’s.


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