Thursday, September 19, 2019

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

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What I Did During My Summer Vacation

It’s the first day of seventh grade. I walk into the classroom and find the following written in Sr. Philomena’s incredibly neat handwriting.

Welcome back!
Today’s assignment:
What I Did During My Summer Vacation
Minimum of 250 words.

The only thing lamer than “What I Did During My Summer Vacation” would be playing “Seven-Up” when it was the last day of the marking period and a teacher had papers to grade.  Ugh!

With apologies to all teachers who have used this assignment today’s liturgical notes is titled:

“What I Did On My Summer Vacation
  1. Those who sing pray twice
My primary work was directed towards the most important part of St. Mary’s music ministry:  you.  Together we worked on our parish musical repertoire by learning several songs as well as our new mass setting:  Curtis Stephan’s Mass of Renewal.

2.     Cultivating our growing edge
An additional accomplishment was the continued development of young singers.  Congratulations to Alyanna, Bella and Makayla for “earning your wings” by cantoring your first liturgies.

3.     Replacing those members of our choirs that will not be returning this year.

St. Mary’s needs your help to accomplish #3!

Here is a link for the schedules for each of our singing groups.  composite schedulesPlease reach out if you think you might be able to help.  We can work together to find where that might be.

In the meantime let me suggest our Children’s Choir and Family Choir as perfect gateways into our music ministry. 

The music (which will be repeated during September, October and November) and the schedules (which overlap) were chosen with young families in mind.  Why not give it a try?

Blessed to be in ministry with you at St. Mary’s,


My four goals of music ministry:

             Primary Goals
  1. The music ministry leads and enlivens the assembly’s song and enhances its prayer.
  2. The music ministry develops its members spiritually and musically.

Secondary Goals
  1. The music ministry sings music that the assembly cannot sing.
  2. The music ministry sings beautiful and challenging music to praise God and inspire the assembly.

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