Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The end of the line (kind of)

Today is the final part of a four week series. Each segment has looked at the last Sundays in ordinary time from the perspective of today's gospel.  (Scroll down to see the entire series.) 

Prior to writing this last segment I clarified my reasoning for being so focused on Matthew’s account of the last judgement.

Part of the appeal is Matthew himself. The literal title of his day job (tax collector) might not have much cache. But reframe it to “he works in finance” or call him “a numbers man” and he suddenly Matthew takes on an importance more in line with the stories he tells.

Today’s gospel is a case in point. Matthew is the only evangelist to include this story in his gospel account. I am intrigued as to why the compilers of the lectionary chose this gospel to stand next to the gospels for the other 2 years readings for Christ the King:

cycle b: Jesus being questioned by Pontius Pilate (John 18:33b-37)

cycle c. The Crucifixion (Luke 25:35-43.)

Lastly, it might be the wisdom or sense of urgency that comes with maturity (ok....age.)
What about you? Perhaps you as I:

  • are tempted to ask Jesus when we saw him hungry, thirsty, imprisoned etc.

  • find his response to be equally sobering.

  • feel a sense of relief for more time and a chance to do better.

Today's music points to the reality of Christ as King of all; particularly the least, the last and the lost; those whom the world overlooks but who are sheep in the eyes of the Lamb of God, the Good Shepherd.

If you are not familiar with You Gather In the Outcast, you should check it out.

Particularly blessed and grateful this Thanksgiving,


This week's music:
Prelude                 He Is Exalted
Prelude                 Laudate Dominum       12 noon                
Processional         Crown Him With Many Crowns              BB 728         
Psalm                   R & A
Alleluia                 Choral Fanfare for Christ the King 12 noon                           
Offertory              You Gather in the Outcast                        BB 618
Communion          Behold the Lamb                                      BB 338          
Recessional          Soon and Very Soon                                BB 574            

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