Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Did you get your $1 cup of Dunkin on Monday?

Did you get your $1 Coffee last Monday?

Those of you that “Run on Dunkin” will understand this week’s headline.  It refers to a promotion offering a $1 cup of coffee on the day following a New York football team win. 

Those of you who are fans of the NY football teams might be lamenting the abysmal start of the Jets and Giants (1-5).

So let’s focus on some teams with winning records and how you can get a FREE CUP OF COFFEE.  Did anyone's curiosity just perk up?

The Children's Choir is 1-0
About a dozen singers; grades 3-8 sang beautifully at the 10:30 liturgy on September 17.  Heads snapped around upon hearing the sound of this (relatively) small but mighty group. 

The Adult Choir is 1-0. 
About 15 members sang at the 12 noon last week.  A rousing 4-part acapella version of the South African “Halleluya, We Sing Your Praises” was a highlight.

Our Guitar Group is undefeated.
It's impossible to determine how many wins our guitar group has this season because these guys faithfully serve St Mary’s EVERY WEEK and have been doing so for years.  They add a unique flavor, style and instrumentation to expand our parish repertoire.

This weekend the guys will be winning both ends of a double-header (sorry for the sudden shift to the baseball metaphor) as they are covering the 9 and 10:30 liturgy.  I'd like to thank them both personally and publicly for their faithful service and for making it possible for me to attend a family outing this weekend.

Here are some things each of these three groups has in common

1.   All rehearse immediately before mass.
2.   All are come when you can
3.   All deserve your appreciation

Here are three things you might want to do the next time you see a member of one of these groups:

1.   Offer a kind word
2.   Make plans to visit a future rehearsal to check out the group
3.   Bring something that you baked to the rehearsal

Just kidding on #3 but either way, we’ll have a cup of coffee for you when you come.

Blessed to lead the Music Ministry at St. Mary’s,


Our cantors; Apryl, Gabrianna, Aaron, David and John are the best!

Thank you to Tricia Blanchard for filling in as well.

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