Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Wandering, Awareness and Tapping into God 3rd Sunday of Lent Cycle A

Wandering, Awareness and Tapping into God

Have you given up chocolate for Lent?  Fr. Rich told me not to and I do everything he tells me.  (At least 50% of this statement is true.)  In this morning’s segment of Best Lent Ever, Matthew Kelly talks about being aware of God’s call.  (A quick reminder:  I am writing this on the Monday before you are reading it.)

What God wants to give us—it’s an extraordinary gift really—is the gift of present moment awareness. He wants us to be aware of things while they’re actually happening. So right now, you’re experiencing this message. Are you here? Are you thinking about what you have to do today? Are you thinking about something that has already happened today? Or are you here?

Am I here?  Yes.  Wait, there’s a blizzard comingWhat time will I pick up my daughter from school? OK, I’m back nowWill one of the novenas be cancelled?  Got to stop wandering!  OK, back.  Maybe we’ll be snowed in tomorrow.  That sounds like fun. We can play games, watch movies and make pizza. Come on mind, stop wandering!

I hate to admit it, but it gets worse.  A little while later I am at daily mass.  The priest is beginning to bless the bread and wine and I’m thinking about what I need to do before the bus comes at 3:15.   Help!   Me, Lord!

In the beginning of today’s first reading from the book of Genesis the Israelites are wandering through the desert and have no water.  They conclude that God has abandoned them. You and I know the truth.  God and the water were nearby all the time.  The Israelites just weren’t aware of it.

Perhaps water in is a good analogy for God.  It can be incredibly powerful; like a flood.  It can also be incredibly persistent; like that leak that starts each time it rains.   In the case of today’s reading God is like the latter.  God is close by whether we are aware of it or wandering through a desert of distractions.  God is waiting patiently, calling us quietly, yet persistently.  Like water in the rock; waiting to be tapped.

If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your hearts.  Psalm 95

Hoping for and wishing you the best lent ever,


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