Friday, January 11, 2019

It's not the perfect family - It's the Holy Family

Hold Onto Love

 Today the church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. 

 The deadline for what you are reading, however, was December 19th. 

Five shopping days until Christmas and I need an article about the Holy Family? There are unwrapped gifts in the trunk of my car. There is Advent and Christmas music all over my desk.       Help me, Lord!

An obscure thought comes to mind.  I try to get past it but it is blocking everything else out. I vaguely remember when it first came.  It was a time of personal and communal sadness and confusion.  Like many who serve, identify with and love the church I was reeling from daily news reports that were going from bad to worse to unfathomable.

The thought came as I was practicing a song: “Hold on to Love” (#486)

There is a place for the sadness, hold onto love.

There is a season of gladness, hold onto love

When pain and confusion seem endless, hold on to love.

We cultivate healing through kindness, hold onto love

This thought became the ray of hope that has carried me through the darkness of autumn through to this Christmas Season of light and joy.

It’s not the perfect Family.

It’s the HOLY family.

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