Wednesday, December 20, 2017

St. Mary's Nutley

Prepare ye, the way of the Lord.
Like you, St. Mary’s wonderful volunteers, lay staff and clergy have been preparing for this day. We have been decorating, wrapping, shopping and making plans for family celebrations. We have also been preparing for your/our time in this beautiful church. Wreaths and garland are hung. Light bulbs have been changed and candles lit. (To name but a few.)

Sing choirs of angels
The music has been planned with an attention to detail that rivals a 12 course gourmet dinner. Our music ministry has rehearsed and is excited to lead you in traditional favorites and contemporary surprises.

O come, let us adore him
This is where it all comes together. Long-time parishioners, first-time visitors, lectors, ushers, sheep and stars in the children’s pageant; all drawn by an adorable baby who is Emmanuel - God with us.

Gloria in excelsis Deo
We sing Glory to God in the highest with the angels, saints and our loved ones who are with them in heaven.

All the ends of the earth have seen the power of God
God continues to act in the world through the Holy Spirit. St. Mary’s responds to the Spirit’s call in the many works of service we perform throughout the year. Recently hundreds of presents placed under the giving tree were distributed to grateful recipients in nearby towns. On Saturday (the day before Christmas Eve) our care kitchen team fed and brought gifts to members of our own community. Each of you have responded to the Spirit’s call by being here today.

And He Shall Reign, forevermore, forevermore
Jesus is more than the reason for the season. He is the King of all Kings and Lord of Lords. Coming to church and being church in the world help us to live as members of Christ’s kingdom even as we live in the world.

Silent Night Holy Night - Joy to the World
Everything is fine at home.
So I’ll take the risk and turn off my phone
I’ll open the book follow along
Pray the prayers sing the songs
I’ll listen carefully to hear Jesus to say,
“I came for you that Christmas Day”

Blessed to be doing what I love at St. Mary’s,


My mom, Christine Mauro celebrates her 80th birthday this Christmas. Among many things; she encouraged me to persevere in music so I had something to fall back on. I’ve been “falling back” for forty years.

Thank you, Mom. Happy birthday! See you after the last mass. Thanks for cooking. (We’re very hungry!)

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