Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ubi Caritas OT6

For those in need make us your mercy,
for those oppressed, your might. 
Make us, your Church, a holy sign of justice and new life.
                                           (verse 4 from” Ubi Caritas” words and music by Bob Hurd.)

We’ve been hearing a lot about being blessed over these past several weeks.    Jesus shared the beatitudes and instructed his followers to be salt and light.   

The refrain for today’s communion song (Ubi Caritas #327) translates to “Where there is true charity, God is present.”  Verse 4 harkens back to the reading from Isaiah we heard proclaimed last week.  (You can find it by looking back to page 64.)

As of this last Monday 13 people have indicated a desire to be part of St. Mary’s social concerns ministry.  We plan on meeting soon and continuing the work of Christmas.

If you’d like to be on our e-mail list, contact me via e-mail or at the parish office.  (973-235-1100.)

Blest to be serving at St. Mary’s,


Thank you to Tricia Blanchard and Tony Zimmerman for filling in for me this weekend.  Tricia is the director of music at Vincent United Methodist Church here in Nutley and Tony is a sought after sub in the archdiocese. 

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