Thursday, December 15, 2016

Advent III


Are you distracted even as you're sitting in church trying to get ready for mass?

Would it help to have something, which redirects your focus to meet Jesus in Word and Sacrament?

Then you're just the person I think of when I write these bulletin articles/blogs.

Take a moment and think back to the last two weeks of Advent.
What do you remember?

Don't worry or feel guilty, this is not a test.   Let your mind wander to Advent.   If this is the first  week you've made it, think back to Advent past.

One thing you may remember is the traditional hymn; O Come, O Come Emmanuel.   At St.Mary's we are using this traditional melody in some novel ways.  The first is that we are playing it (along with some improvisation) as the presider and ministers process to the altar.

Here are just 2 reasons:

1.  To make it clear that we are no longer in ordinary time.

2.  To create an Advent gathering that is more meditative and free from words and singing. (Yes, this is coming from the guy who is all about words and singing.)

You will also hear this familiar melody in the commons of the mass: The Holy, Sanctus,  Memorial Acclamation, Amen and Lamb of God set to Richard Proulx's Missa Emmanuel.  (Note: The Gloria is omitted on Advent Sundays)

During advent we are singing part of the prayer of the faithful. You can find the words to There is A Longing at #399 in the Breaking Bread hymnal. We will sing verses 1, 3 and 4 in between the petitions read by the lector.

Our communion song; Advent Litany (#51) is an interesting composition. The original Latin text hearkens back to the seventh century. The verses are in the style of a Gelineau psalm from when the mass started to be said in the vernacular.

Take a moment to get an Advent booklet from the doors of the church. This will afford you an overview of the season.

During advent the church prays "Maranatha" which translates; "Come, Lord Jesus." My prayer is that our music will help you to move closer to that reality.



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