Friday, April 27, 2018

5th Sunday of Easter

Children, let us love not in word or speech
 but in deed and truth.
                                                                             1 John 3:18

I love this part of the church year. Maybe it’s the post-resurrection stories of Jesus’ surprise appearances. Perhaps it’s the formation of church doctrine as the Apostles grapple with conflicting opinions about Jesus’ divinity and humanity. It could be the closeness of Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps it’s just that the rush of Christmas and Easter are in the rear-view mirror and summer ordinary time is just down the road.

Over the past few weeks the second reading has been taken from the first letter of John. (BTW This is the same John who wrote the fourth gospel.) Today’s reading affirms something we’ve heard recently; the call to belief in Christ and love of neighbor. The first verse of this pericope (a fancy word for “portion”) offers an important qualification and can be found at the top of this article.


I’ve tried to sprinkle a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary compositions into the music this Easter season.  Here are some bullets on today’s selections:

     The refrain of Vine and Branches (#355) is based on the familiar image Jesus used to describe our relationship with Him. The verses come from John’s gospel.

       Tell It Out (see the reprint box in this bulletin) is an upbeat composition by Timothy R. Smith and is part of a recent strain of contemporary liturgical music.  I hope you enjoy singing and hearing it as much as I.

       They’ll Know We Are Christians (#582) could be described as a throwback selection. I hope this article makes clear why this is an appropriate choice for today’s liturgy.

Blessed to be at St. Mary’s



To those visiting St. Mary’s; especially those coming to celebrate the First Communion of a family member:  WELCOME!

To the First Communicants:  Congratulations! You are now welcome to join our dynamic children’s choir.  For more info; go to the music ministry link at Home - St. Mary's Nutley.

To the teachers:  THANK YOU!

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