Friday, December 14, 2018


The peace and joy for which the world celebrates and desires.

In thinking about what I to write, I reflected on the first Christmas as told in the gospel. 
Not the part where Mary and Joseph frantically search for a birthing place.   Not the unspoken part where Mary gives birth.    Surely not the sounds and smells of the nearby animals.
I think of what most parents would see as important: a content infant drowsily falling to sleep in the arms of an exhausted mother.  It is from this scene the unlikely mix of peace and joy begins to emerge.
Looking up I see the nativity set on my piano.  Although simple it is deluxe compared to the original site where the Holy Family settled that Christmas night. 
Then I picture what many of you are seeing as you read this:  St. Mary’s church.  There are lighted trees and wreaths with ribbons.  Amenities that were unimaginable on that first Christmas:  an organ, baby grand piano and sound system.  (I better not forget to mention the new elevator because if I do, Fr. Rich will have me hand-write it into every bulletin. :)
I imagine the generations of families who have gathered here throughout the years.   They are alongside individuals who have come to see St. Mary’s as their family.  I see myself and others who have been blessed to share our ministry here with you. 
I pause to think of those who are not with us.  There are those who no longer make church part of their holiday tradition.  There are those who have died.  I pause to honor their memories. 
And……There is you. 
Whatever brought you here, whatever you were doing right before you came, whatever you will do when you leave church I wish you the peace and joy for which you celebrate and desire.
Blessed to be in ministry at St. Mary’s,

Bruce Mauro, Director of Music St. Mary’s Church

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