Saturday, January 18, 2020

Blessed to be in ministry with you, at St. Mary's

Blessed To Be In Ministry With You, At St. Mary’s

January is a time for lists.  

The Best and Worst Movies of 2019.  
Famous People Who Left Us......
The Top 5 News Stories Of....
My New Year’s Resolutions.

With this in mind I share a list that has been forming in my mind for quite some time:  
“Why I Am Blessed To Be In Ministry With You, At St. Mary’s”

Disclaimer:  I apologize in advance for any oversights, please don’t be offended.  There’s always next year’s list. :)

* Members of the music ministry:
John Luland - No member of the music ministry works harder than John.   What you see and hear on Saturday or Sunday is the result of hours of preparation.  John willingly and happily learns at least one new song for each weekend he sings.

The Guitar Ministry - Andrew, Bill, Jeff, John and Rob have faithfully served St. Mary’s for many years.  They bring a style and instrumentation that complements and balances the overall musical offerings at St. Mary’s and have graciously rolled with more than a few changes over the years.   

The Adult Choir - The members of the adult choir epitomize both “music” and “ministry”. Their willingness to sing whatever song, style or Liturgy that benefits the parish is a true gift to St. Mary’s. Their embracing of the young people who have joined our music ministry is inspiring and uncommon.

* My Kids:
The Children’s Choir brings a tremendous spirit, boundless energy and limitless potential.  Their sweet sound is music to my ears.

The Treble Choir is the realization of that limitless potential.   I am so proud of what they have accomplished individually and collectively this past year.  Take a look at the videos on the music ministry page at to see what I mean.

The St. Mary’s Quartet - Apryl, Gabrianna, Aaron and Fred (as well as David and Michael who left their home in Nutley to venture to new places) have helped implement my vision for music and liturgy at St. Mary’s.  They are my kids who have grown-up and are now my colleagues, collaborators and friends.

* The Parish Staff:
Each and every member of the Parish Staff works tirelessly and diligently to make St. Mary’s the best it can be.  We do this because St. Mary’s deserves the very best! We are able to do this because of the leadership of our Pastor....

Fr. Rich.  
You may have heard the phrase:  “Don’t pick a job. Pick a boss.”   The reason I took the risk of leaving teaching and taking the job at St. Mary’s is Fr. Rich Berbary.  And that, to quote Robert Frost “Has made all the difference.”

I am blessed by you...
Those who I know by name and those I know by sight.  Those who made St. Mary’s the wonderful parish it is and those who are making it what God is calling it to be.  You, who minister at Mass as lectors, eucharistic ministers, altar servers and ushers. You, who minister to the community;  particularly our social concerns ministry and my collaborators: Bruce Segall and John Saar.

I am blessed by God ...
Who created, sustains and redeems and from whom all blessings flow.


Today’s offertory songs honor those who have struggled and those who continue the struggle against inequality in any form.

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