Sunday, December 1, 2019

“The Advent mystery…
 Is the beginning of the end of all in us that is not yet Christ.”
                                   Thomas Merton

I have been planning the advent season since early October.

Isaiah’s image of God’s holy mountain never fails to inspire. The melodies written in the somber yet hopeful tones of the minor mode move me.  Song ideas and their places in the liturgy come easily.  

But then I am confronted by today’s gospel.    

Two men out in the field. Two women grinding at the mill.  In each case, one accompanied Jesus to the Kingdom. The other was left behind.   I can’t help but extrapolate two church musicians playing at Mass......

Why?  Is this the advent mystery to which Thomas Merton refers?

The answer seems to be contained in Jesus’ command to stay awake.

Stay awake.  What does this mean?  I’ve been thinking about this for the past week. 

Maybe the people in today’s gospel were so busy doing they failed to hear Jesus calling.

This might mean that the whole idea of preparation is not a verb but an adjective. 

Not about what I am doing but my state of being.  

Maybe Advent is about being mindful of the presence of Christ around me and being open to his call. 

One of the acclamations I’ve included this year is “Prepare ye, the way of the Lord.” The cantor will sing the first part and all will respond with the second part. I’m sure you will know the tune.

I’ve purposely planned periods of quiet instrumental music around the singing to allow for a time of being within this time of doing.

Blessed to begin this Advent season with you at St. Mary’s,


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