Monday, December 26, 2016

The Christmas Rush

It is Thursday, December 15 and I am in what have begun to refer to as "minus-time."  This is when the day’s to-do list continually gets pushed to the next day like a personal game of "kick the can down the road."  

One of the things that will not wait is the bulletin deadline and the Christmas bulletin is due today.  

For those of you who are visiting St. Mary’s, I have served as the director of music for the past three years.  This weekly column is my way of sharing the connection between the music I select and the weekly scripture readings.   (Except for when the Holy Spirit or some other event leads me on a tangent.)

So, here I am in minus-time overwhelmed by the threads of multiple ideas rolling around my head.  With each new thought the feeling grows like an icicle hanging overhead that is ready to come crashing down.
This is important; it's the Christmas bulletin. 

So I do what I always do.  I look back to the readings.  

For the past few weeks I’ve been drawn to a particular verse as I planned, rehearsed and played.  Perhaps our Marian novena had some influence in leading me in this direction.  

Amidst all of Isaiah's prophecy and Matthew and Luke's stories of angels and dreams this gem shone through:

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

Then I look at the musical selections.  I see words like: Joyful, Faithful, Triumphant, Sing, Adore and Glory.

Isn’t this why many of us return to St. Mary’s and churches around the world on this day?  Are we not looking to uncover and rediscover and ponder the things we treasure?

My hope is that the music and spirit of our worship will help you recall the Christmas memories you treasure and grace-filled possibilities for you and those you love in the upcoming year.
Blessed to spend another Christmas at St. Mary’s,


Merry Christmas to all.

Happy birthday, Mom. 
Thank you for supporting my musical training and work.

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